Ballroom for Bouddha Vivant

Alexandre Alexeieff
  • 3Ballroom for BV 22 x 24 in. Unframed


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  • Limited edition of 25
  • Each print is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • Archival inks and archival paper
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This limited edition large format giclée print is made from a pochoir plate of an illustration created for Paul Morand's book "Bedroom for Bouddha Vivant". It is one of two examples of work by Alexandre Alexeieff that appeared in the “Paris 1928 - Libraire des Arts Decoratifs” a rare portfolio documenting the European Arts Decoratifs from 1920-1937. The original illustration is believed to be either in a private collection or destroyed in WW II.

The illustrations chronicled modern life in the 20th century. As a depiction of the times, this image is striking in its choice of subject matter.

Alexeieff, a Russian-born artist, filmmaker and illustrator, lived and worked mainly in Paris. He is internationally known for his invention of the Pin Screen technique, an early form of stop motion animation, and Totalization, an image capture technique that involved filming a moving object at long exposures to visualize the trace of its path of motion.