Queen of Hearts

Max Vibert
  • 3Queen of Hearts 35 x 24 in. Unframed


Dimensions are print size in inches.

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  • Limited edition of 25
  • Each print is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • Archival inks and archival paper
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This limited edition large format giclée print is made from a pochoir plate of an Art Deco queen of hearts playing card created by Mademoiselle Max Vibert. The queen is one of four playing cards created by Vibert—Queen, King, Jack and Joker— that appeared in "Paris 1928 - Librairie Des Arts Decoratifs”, a rare portfolio of plates documenting the European Arts Decoratifs from 1920-1936. The original gouache painting is now either in a private collection or was destroyed in WW II.

The Queen exudes a whimsical, elegant style with animal-like facial features and opposing black and white colors. Originally done as a gouache painting, the image rings true to the 1920s art deco period and demonstrates why Vibert was a significant artist and designer of the time.